Welcome to DITC


DITC's mission is to provide learning and outreach opportunities that foster a more diverse and inclusive Academy of Management community.


We cultivate and advocate ethical behavior in all aspects of our work.

We provide a dynamic and supportive community for all of our members, embracing the full diversity of our backgrounds and experiences.

We respect each of our members' voices and seek to amplify their ideas.

We make our members feel welcome and inspired to bring their best creativity, intellect and effort to the Academy.


To provide learning and outreach opportunities that foster a more diverse and inclusive Academy of Management community by:

  1. assisting the board and division leaders in collecting and analyzing data concerning the professional needs of members from diverse backgrounds
  2. providing opportunities for positive and appropriate interactions among members from diverse backgrounds
  3. responding to requests from Program Chairs and Journal Editors seeking names of reviewers from diverse backgrounds
  4. responding  to requests from Academy of Management leaders for possible nominees to be considered for governance positions
  5. assisting in the identification and development of data that can be used to monitor members’ experiences vis-à-vis our stated values and promote an inclusive organizational climate
  6. sponsoring Professional Development Workshops that reflect the Committee's mission
  7. serving as a liaison to Academy of Management Affiliates, to obtain ideas and disseminate best practices
  8. providing input to the Board on Academy-sponsored initiatives related to the domain of the committee
  9. developing proposals for consideration through the Academy of Management Strategic Doing website;
  10. recruiting new members to build a robust pool of energetic committee members who will contribute to the committee's ability to carry out its charge


Diversity  is all of the multiple lines of difference that characterize our current and future membership.

Inclusion  means that all members have the opportunity to be involved and participate, to have their voices heard and valued, and to have influence on the Academy of Management.

We facilitate and champion Academy of Management members' full participation in the activities and decision-making of the Academy.

The growth and success of the Academy of Management are dependent upon having a globally diverse perspective and broadening the scope and impact of our field.

The Academy of Management will be strengthened and improved to the degree that we incorporate the knowledge and perspectives of its diverse membership and constituents.